Asbuilt architectural plans
OSD's Asbuilt Division, was established out of a necessity to guarantee accurate representations of an existing structure that would be needed for rebuilding or remodeling purposes. Utilizing laser technology, tried and true measuring methods, we then convert the results into CAD and BIM formats. Having accurate drawings of site plans, floor plans, elevations, existing engineering features, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical, greatly assist in the development process. Moreover, most building and planning agencies require these drawings.

Architectural planning and design

OSD prides itself on its final work product. From original conception, to final inspection, our resourceful Crew continually reviews our output for quality control. We adhere as close as possible to current architectural and engineering standards, and stress creativity. We like to go outside the box wherever possible, and at the same time, achieve cost effectiveness. Our staff includes Architects, Lighting Professionals, and LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professionals.
architectural planning and design

Building, Construction services

Construction services
OSD and its construction partners pride themselves on the quality of their work. The Team has an established reputation for superior building practices, with very efficient construction processes. Our tradesmen and subcontractors have built a wide-ranging skill set and have a wealth of experience in the Design-Build world. We have an Engineering Practice within the company so, clients have the peace of mind in knowing that competent and professional engineers are constantly supervising and monitoring the construction work. OSD is involved in the planning, control and co-ordination of all building services to ensure that the building is completed according to the Client’s requirements, on time, within cost, and to the highest quality standards.

Parking design and installation

Through the years, OSD has observed that parking issues on a given Project can make or break a good design. With this in mind, OSD partnered with ParkMatic, (Parking in Motion, Inc.) of New York, and began proposing parking solutions that were impossible a decade ago. Please go to, for further information on this technology smart, affordable alternative to conventional parking scenarios.
parking systems